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6 essential advices on project management

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by WeTask team

November 2021

3 min read

Project management can be frustrating, with a bad methodology, projects can fail or take a decade to realize. No matter the size of the project, from school work to complex product creation we will see in this article how to successfully manage your team and your project.

1.Plan everything

Don't go blind, the more you know what you have to do, to avoid, to anticipate, less you will fail. At least plan the more basic shape of your project and share it with your team before starting.

2.Give small objectives

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Avoid big objectives, no matter what type of project you are working on, they are the best ways to give up and can create an infinite source of problems and frustration.

Be ambitious but develop your project by small step. For example, give yourself or to your team objectives that take only up to 1 week to do, once done go to the next goal, iterate until you reach your objective.

3.Get to the point

As you are starting a project, focus on the core of your project, do not pay attention to details, they are a waste of time and energy that can get you frustrated and slow the project.

4.Ask for feedback

Feedbacks are very important to understand your mistakes, to see what you can improve and what you need to change. You can ask feedback to your friends, family , teammates or any people you can find. The more feedback you will get, the more likely your project will be successful.


If you manage a team or you are in a team, you need to communicate. Communicate with your team, up to the smallest project related detail that go through your mind. You and your team need to have the same goals in mind.

Listen to your team will allow you to solve problem, find new ideas and reach your goals faster.

6.Use a project management software to help you

Project management is hard and complex, that why you can use management tools to assist you during your project development.

This kind of software will allow you to organize and dispatch the work among your team without headache, easily know who is working on what, when and what your are the problems your team are currently facing with and much more

With WeTask, plan, create and manage projects with your team, quick to set up and easy to use, you can try it with up to 10 days free trial here.

Thank for reading this article, see you next time !